Dear PetRelocate.com,

Thank you for doing such a great job in getting our cats from France to Canada.

I really feel like you went above and beyond the call of duty and I will not hesitate in recommending you to our friends in the future. The cats are doing well and have settled into their new home quite nicely.
Thank you again for all of your incredibly hard work.

Best regards,

David Johnson


Good evening PetRelocate.Com!

I just received a phone call from my sister confirming Sacha and Zoe's arrival.  They were both very happy looking pups and I kindly say thank you for all you did.  My sister was also very impress with the type of cage the pups were shipped in (photo attached).

It was a last minute request and you guys made it stress free for me.  I immediately trusted your service as soon as I first spoke to one of your personnel. 

Last night when the girls were picked up the gentleman was very kind towards the pups making it easier for me to let them go. :) 

I really appreciated to get that phone call this morning from the lady who transported them to the airport who reassured me that the girls had a good night and were checked in at the airport.

I will not hesitate using your service again if require in the future.

Merci !

Monique, Zoe et Sacha :)


Stella's Story:

Stella had to relocate internationally and the largest kennel was not high enough to fit her tall stature.

After consulting with the client, PetRelocate.Com shipped the client a custom made kennel extension kit which worked perfectly.

During her travel Stella chipped one of her beautiful nails. PetRelocate.Com sprung into action and obtained a mobile veterinarian to treat Stella right at the airport.

By the time the veterinarian had completed the treatment, Stella missed her connecting international flight. Stella was cared for by PetRelocate.Com over the weekend and by Monday was in her owners' arms at her new home. Stella's owner wrote PetRelocate.Com:

Dear PetRelocate.Com,

Thanks for all your help!

You were awesome at every step of the move.

Stella is now happily enjoying her new bed and new house!

Cheers, Nathalie Y


Dear PetRelocate.Com,

Thank you for your hard work in bringing our dogs from Nova Scotia to Alberta, it was no easy feat. From the flight restrictions due to the time of year, and weight, the ridiculous Ontario law against Pit-bulls (which makes me very angry) and the overnight stay, it was a long journey for the dogs. I am know that without the expertise of the PetRelocate.com team we would not have been able to get them here. You literally changed a national policy which states that Pit Bull dogs are prohibited from traveling and interlining through Ontario; you are unbelievable. When everyone else gave up on us, you rose to the occasion and dug in your heels and worked with the airlines and local government to change this policy, bravo!

The airline staff at the airport echoed your sentiment that shipping animals via "cargo" is the smartest way to go because it is less stressful for the dogs. He said the baggage way is very loud and there is a lot of commotion, he has seen animals go through there and they come out and their nerves are shot. This way (cargo) it is much quieter and far less stressful.

I think that if it were not for the excellent care and professionalism of PetRelocate.com demonstrating it leadership by providing the airline the guidance and support it needed, that the dogs would have been stressed out and upset.

The overnight stay with you was a good break for them on the long trip, they got to have some treats and exercise, what dog doesn't love treats?! They arrived in their new home in good spirits and have acclimated quickly. I cannot thank you all at PetRelocate.com enough for the care and attention you provided in relocating the dogs all the way from Sydney, Nova Scotia to Raibow Lake AB.

Thank you!

Chris & Courtney

Dear PetRelocate.Com:

Thank you so much for the extraordinary lengths you underwent to run around like chickens with your heads cut off - with our very last minute request while our German Shepherd Zulu was already mid-air / on route.  Words cannot truly express all of the hard work and the unbelievable things you made happen (which you made appear effortless but for which I KNOW you more than earned your keeps).

The airline suggested we contact PetRelocate.Com after many mishaps/mis-steps they made  - saying that PetRelocate.Com can address all of our export/import issues, handle customs, and all of the required documents; and do so in a flash; after everything we underwent at that point I was very scaptical.
However, I was in a state of total panic.  I conducted an online search in my attempt to research PetRelocate.Com.  I was immediately assured that they are the subject matter experts and regularly handle these type of situations, often, dealing with the broker, coordinating CBSA, CFIA, working with the airlines locally and internationally, etc.
I was extremely impressed with the representative’s knowledge and compassion for our plight.  I subsequently took action to ensure to get all of PetRelocate.Com’ documents to them, while PetRelocate.Com simultenously connected with all parties concerned (much like a conducted doing their job with ease, poise, and professionalism) as I was emailing PetRelocate.Com my documents, they already had their driver, broker, and papers on stand by at the Airport, ready to pick up our dog.  I was actually on the line as my PetRelocate.Com Relocation Specialist spoke with the airline agents/managers/CFIA/CBSA; I clearly heard not just the amount of work being done but the level of drive that was being put for as PetRelocate.Com’ advocated so strongly for our beautiful dog.  At every step, every obstacle, was met with instant answers and consulting orchastred by their very experienced staff.  Before the government or airline knew it, our dog was released.
All of a sudden we were informed that there’s a heat embargo and the dog wasn’t able to fly from the arrival city to us at final destination.  Although totally devestating and traumatic news for me and my family; for PetRelocate.Com it was just another run of the mill day and they made us feel so comfortable by sending along photos and video of our dog in their home-style boarding facilities; having a great time and being cared for by their Pet Care Specialists who you could tell were true animal loves.

The next day PetRelocate.Com Zulu on the flight and he arrived the following day; what a relief, thank God for PetRelocate.Com.  I honestly cannot describe how lucky and deeply grateful we are for PetRelocate.Com’ existence.  They were so professional and understanding of how much our pet means to us, making those few extra phone calls to assure me of his ongoing progress gave me such relief.

In my own personal profession as a police officer I deal with a lot of Fraud, and of course I had my concerns, but in the end I would recommend PetRelocate.Com to anyone without any reservations.

Thank you for creating this phenomenal business and for your support staff who obviously all worked as a team to help us in such a dire circumstance.

With our sincere appreciation,

The Johnen and Knutt Family


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