• The VIP Treatment
    The VIP Treatment service is all-inclusive.  This service includes, but is not limited to, preparing all documentation required for transport, acting as a liaison between several departments and representatives, airport check in, accompanying the pet when boarding the aircraft, arriving with the pet to the final destination, and delivering the pet to the owner. It offers it all from beginning to end.

    Pet owners experience a great deal of anxiety and stress when sending their pets alone as cargo. The advantages of The VIP Treatment are to guarantee your pet feels relaxed, safe, comfortable and content with its shipping container and entire flight experience. It has received the proper exercise, feeding, and hydration before the flight. The professional pet courier is animal-loving, medically trained and experienced with flight procedures.
  • Airport to Airport
    Airport to airport service is available for clients that deliver their own animals to the airport and have a receiver pick them up at the destination airport.

  • Corporate Relocation
    Our corporate relocation service supports company employees, their families and pets, to travel and relocate internationally or within Canada & the United States. Our professional experience and expertise assures an easy, smart, and pet-friendly solution. Constant communication creates a seamless transition that is within budget and on schedule.

  • Pricing
    Every pet relocation is individually planned and coordinated. The cost depends on the service required. Several elements that can influence the price are:

    • Type of pet
    • Weight & kennel size
    • Necessary document preparation
    • Departure & arrival location
    • Pet delivery and pick-up
    • Accompanying the pet throughout the flight
    • Timeline
    • Special requests: grooming, pet sitting, etc
  • Your Pet's Move is Tax Deductible!
    In the event of corporate relocation or change of employment, your pet moving expenses are tax-deductable!
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  • We were really happy with your service.  You handled the myriad of arrangements for our cat to join us in Costa Rica exceptionally well.  Her move went smoother than ours.
    Julie and Don Gutierrez

  • When I had to more to Seattle for work I counted on to arrange for my dog to join me.  With the amount of laws and roadblocks in the way, I’m very glad I used your service.  You made it happen quickly and without hasle. A big thanks from me and Winston!
    Brian Telson