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Post Pet Transport: Pet Checkup

Check up

Once the transport is complete, the pet will need assistance in returning to optimal health. 

1. Check for Hydration

Even when there is access to clean water during transport, some pets will choose not to drink. Check if the pet is hydrated. Signs of dehydration include: dry mouth, exhaustion, loss of appetite, sunken eyes, too much or too little urination, lack of skin elasticity and/or dry, sticky gums

Check the elasticity of the skin by gently pulling near the middle of the back. If the skin immediately drops back into place, the pet is hydrated. To check for dry gums, check how quickly the blood returns when pressing the gums. If it’s less than 2 seconds, the pet is hydrated. When in doubt, a veterinarian can check for hydration levels with a blood test.

If dehydration is suspected, the pet should not be treated at home as it is unlikely they will be able to drink enough water to become hydrated. The pet should immediately be taken to an emergency veterinary clinic for diagnosis and treatment.

2. Provide Food and Water

If the pet is safely hydrated, provide the pet with food and water. 

3. Play With, or Walk the Pet

This will help the pet release any nervousness and help to reduce any swelling of the joints that may have occurred during transport.