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Pet Transport Safety

Be Prepared

Making the necessary arrangements outlined on the website and in the guide helps to minimize any risks and secure a safe and comfortable pet transport.  

Use this checklist to insure regulations and preparations have been met:

    My pet is not in heat or pregnant

    My pet is not under 8 weeks old, or is fully weaned (required by federal law)

    My pet is correctly measured

    My pet has the proper flight kennel. It is prepared for departure with all of the necessary documentation and items that go inside

    My pet is accustomed to the flight kennel

I have decided on the best form of travel for my pet

    My pet is up to date on all vaccinations 

    I have all of the necessary veterinary documentation 

    I have made a veterinarian appointment within 10 days of pet travel to obtain a travel health certificate

    My pet is 8+ years; all relating veterinary preparations have been met

    My pet is considered a high-risk breed; I have researched the airline restrictions and made the proper preparations 

    My pet is considered a high-risk breed; I have improved the ventilation in the properly sized flight kennel

    My pet has proper identification (a microchip and two tags)

    I have assessed my pet’s reaction to stress and found successful remedies 

    My pet is groomed for transport

    I have researched pet-friendly airlines, booked my flight, reserved a space for my pet, and am familiar with their policies

    I have called the airline no more than a month prior to receive updates on any policy changes that may have occurred

    Fill one (1) bowl with water and freeze it overnight, the night before the pet’s flight

    Exercise your pet well just before leaving for transport.  This helps to stimulate a pre-flight bowel movement, and encourage sleeping during the flight 

    Drop off your pet at least 3 hours prior to transport, but no more than 4 hours according to federal law

    If transporting your pet via cargo, find out the address and directions to your airline’s cargo desk for both the departure and destination airports