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Pet Identification


Microchips are a permanent form of identification that help return the pet to the owner should it become lost when moving or travelling. 

An ISO-compatible microchip is the best kind because it can be scanned inside and outside of Canada. This is useful if the pet is being transported international.  Some popular brands are Crystal Tag, ResQ, and Home Again. 

A veterinarian performs the implantation quickly and easily, without the use of anesthesia or stitches. The chip is smaller than a grain of rice. It is injected between the shoulder blades with a syringe. Once implanted, it remains active for 25 years.


The pet must wear an identification tag at all times when being transported. Knowing the pet has proper identification brings peace of mind in the event of becoming lost. 

Using two tags allows all the necessary information to be included. The first tag includes: the pet’s name, owner’s name, email and phone number, and a name and number of a friend or relative. The second tag includes the destination airport and airway bill number. The collar and tags must be safe from hooking onto the metal grates or other parts of the kennel. Veterinarians recommend breakaway collars for cats.

Supplying the pet with a microchip and an identification tag ensures a safe arrival home in the event that it becomes lost. 


Veterinarian Information

Name: __________________________

Number: __________________________

Address: __________________________


Required Documentation:




Health Certificate Date: ____________________

Has been issued and dated within 10 days of the departure date


Required Vaccinations:




Required Identification:




My pet is eight (8) years or older


If Yes, the Veterinarian has:

performed a geriatric exam on all vital organs

taken a full blood profile (can take 14 days for results)

checked that hydration levels are normal without medication


Veterinarian Appointments: