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Measuring the Pet

The flight kennel must allow sufficient room for the pet to stand, lay down, and turn around comfortably, without its head touching the kennel walls. This allows the pet to feel more relaxed, comfortable and safe during the flight. 

This diagram aids in measuring the pet in order to correctly determine the size of the flight kennel. 


To measure the length of the pet, start from the base of the tail to the tip of the nose. Add 4” to the measurement. This is how long the flight kennel needs to be. 


To measure the height of the pet, begin by having the pet stand up. Measure from the top of its head, down to the floor. Add 4” to the measurement. This is how tall the flight kennel needs to be:

Pet’s Length Measurement: ____” + 4” = ____”

Pet’s Height Measurement:  ____” + 4” = ____”

Note: When measuring an elderly pet for the proper flight kennel, allow for additional room than the standard extra four inches by purchasing the next larger size of kennel.