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Grooming a Pet for Transport

1. Remove Dead Undercoat

There are breeds of cats and dogs that have a soft undercoat beneath their bristly topcoat. Removing the dead undercoat will help keep your pet cooler. Using a shedding brush helps to remove the loose fur. Even better, taking your pet to the salon for a professional undercoat removal prior to the departure date helps them feel much cooler, especially in the summer.

Note: Shaving a double-coated breed will not help keep them cool.

2. Clip Toenails

The pet’s toenails need to be clipped so they do not hook onto the metal grates or other parts of the kennel. 

VIP Sitters offers pre-flight pet grooming. Learn more about this service and the many others we offer. Contact us today to receive a quote or book an appointment. 


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