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Getting the Pet Accustomed to the Flight Kennel


Getting the pet accustomed to the flight kennel long before the trip allows for a more relaxed, comfortable and safe flight.

These steps help guide the process.

1. Place the Kennel in a Common Area of the Home

Familiarize the pet to the look, feel, and smell of the kennel so they can become comfortable with it at their own pace.

2. Make the Inside of the Kennel Comfortable

Include toys and blankets inside the kennel to encourage the pet to go inside to play or sleep

3. Create a Daily Routine using the Kennel 

For five to ten minutes per day, play, treat, feed, and cuddle the pet around, and once comfortable, inside the kennel. Encourage your pet to sleep in the kennel for at least few nights.

4. Provide Positive Reinforcement

Reward the pet with attention and treats when the pet voyages in and around the kennel on its own.

The following steps need to be performed as far in advance as possible so the pet has sufficient time to become accustom to the flight kennel. This will allow for a more relaxed, comfortable and safe transport.