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Flight Kennel Checklist

The flight kennel is where the pet is kept throughout the duration of the flight. The proper kennel ensures the pet will be comfortable and safe. Placing a small animal in a large kennel, or constricting a large animal to a small kennel is dangerous. Also, airline regulations must be considered as they are specific to each airline. 

The following check list consists of the general requirements to ensure your flight kennel is airline-approved, and your pet feels more relaxed, comfortable and safe during the flight:

The style of my flight kennel…

    is constructed of hard-shelled plastic, not wire or a soft fabric material (unless flying in-cabin)

    is not collapsible and does not have a top loading door

    is sturdy and well ventilated on all sides

    has a solid roof and a leak-proof floor

    allows sufficient room for my pet to stand, lay down, and turn around comfortably, without its head touching the kennel walls. There is 4 inches of clearance over its head when standing  

    is approved by the USDA/IATA, and meets airline requirements

I have remembered to:

    attach two (2) water bowls to the kennel door.

    fill one (1) bowl with water and freeze it overnight, the night before the pet’s flight

    line the inside with absorbent material in case of an accident. (Note: The pet must still have 4 inches of clearance over its head when standing on the bedding inside the crate”

    secure all corners and sides with cable/zip ties that are fastened outward so they don’t poke my pet

    add a favourite toy and a blanket that has a familiar scent

    label the kennel in 1” high letters that reads “live animal” with large arrows pointing up

    attach personal information to the kennel such as: my pet’s name, breed, colour and age, with a photograph; When my pet was fed last, and food and water instructions; Departure date and airport, connection stops, destination date and airport; Airway bill number; My contact information: name, phone number and email; The contact information of the receiver, if different from myself: name, phone number, and email; And my signature and the date. 

    place copies of all health documents inside a plastic pouch secured to the top of the kennel

    fasten a tag to the front door of the kennel that includes: pet’s name, destination, contact information, and airway bill number

    accustom my pet to the kennel 

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