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Elderly Pets

1. Veterinary Preparation

Pets eight (8) years and older should have a geriatric health exam on all vital organs: heart, liver, and kidneys. The full blood profile can take up to 14 days for results. It is important to note that there is no liver or kidney damage. Most pets do not drink the water provided during transport so their hydration levels must be normal without the use of medication. 

2. The Proper Flight Kennel

When measuring an elderly pet for the proper flight kennel, allow for additional room than the standard extra four inches by purchasing the next larger size of kennel. See the previous section, Measuring the Pet, for measuring instructions. Also, make sure that the back has holes, allowing for better ventilation. 

3. Getting the Pet Accustomed to the Flight Kennel

Getting the pet accustomed to the flight kennel long before the trip allows for a more relaxed, comfortable and safe flight. Please see the steps provided in the flight kennel section to help guide the process.