Pet Relocate is ecstatic to announce a strategic partnership established in conjunction with an Air Freighter company (cargo only).

This alliance was created to fill a much needed niche and provide pet owners with a viable option of relocating their cats & dogs by air during the holiday embargo. Additionally, this option offer year round access to relocating pets that may be embargoed for other reasons such as increased temperatures (snub nosed breeds), strong breed regulations requiring an custom built container, aircraft cargo space in some cases may not be sufficiently large enough or provide sufficient oxygen levels to accommodate certain kennel/pet sizes, age restriction for domestic flights would not apply (subject to discussion on a case by case basis, keeping in mind the pet's safety first!), and for domestic flights there is no requirement for a domestic health certificate using the Air Freight carrier option, saving Pet Relocate from having to pay for a veterinary examination (presently Air Canada requires a domestic health certificate to be provided to the airline when the pet is check-in, the certificate must dated within 10 days prior to the dogs & cats that are under a year old).

The holiday embargo dates are:
- Air Canada (Dec.15-Jan.12).
- WestJet (Dec.15-Jan.6).

The embargo dates are permanent (consistent and repeat each year).

Air Canada's embargo applies to relocating cats & dogs flying within North America only (other species are permitted based on availability).

WestJet's embargo is on all live-animals shipments across WestJet's entire fleet.

For both airlines the embargo applies to all three travel options: in-cabin, oversized baggage, and cargo.

International direct flights of all pets in/out of Canada continues to be available through Air Canada (for specifics please contact Pet Relocate or the airline directly).

Access into Canada's main airports (hubs) remains open & accessible for international travellers and their pets. The challenge that pet owners were previously faced with was how to get their pets to smaller airports within Canada. This is now remedied by this value-added service.

Our team was motivated to find a solution (especially during the peak times of year when families get together (the two and four legged kinds) to celebrate), and pets are oftentimes purchased as holiday gifts, but until now have been unable to be flown in to the client's desired airport at the ideal time for the client; since sometimes these pets are a surprise that clients give to their loved ones.

This new option is advantageous as it:

- offers pet owners the flexibility to fly their pets from/to virtually anywhere in Canada during the national passenger airlines embargoed periods.

- Brachycephalic (snub nosed) breeds are permitted to fly year round and there’s no temperature based restriction.

- These aircrafts are designed to accept ANY sized kennel; to a wide network of airports across Canada in addition to international destinations such as Germany & Mexico (with the possibility of additional destinations in future). This provides us all with an added tool made available to Pet Relocate’s clients to utilize for some more complex & challenging moves (such as: kennel too large, snub nosed breeds, strong breeds, exotics, etc.). Plus we now have special access into South America via Mexico as well as the EU via Germany, and onwards to virtually anywhere in the world from there (including Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and many more destinations previously not available for us to access).

- Strong breeds (i.e. Pitbulls, Staffordshire terriers, etc.) would not be automatically subjected to travel in an custom built travel container (compliant with IATA LAR CR82 requirements) due to their age/s and/or weight/s; in cases where a standard container is determined as appropriate for well behaved strong breed dogs, Pet Relocate’s clients would enjoy an overall lower price for relocating their dog.  This option provides a forum for each pet to be assessed on their own merits, rather than apply the restrictive and generalized policy and having to use a custom built container. The ultimate decision as to the most appropriate kennel to be utilized would be made through a conductive process conducted in collaboration with yourself (the client/pet owner) your veterinarian, and Pet Relocate. At the conclusion of the consultation Pet Relocate would present the groups' findings and recommendations with the Air Freighter. Pet Relocate would advocate on your behest with the ultimate goal of the air freighter supporting the team's recommendation . The air freighter would then consider the recommendations and make the final decision (Based on each individual dog's individual disposition & temperament).


- Age restriction would not apply for domestic relocation (within Canada), for international relocations the age determination would be dictated by the laws governing the country of import and in some cases any jurisdictions that the pet travels through.

All dogs and cats being imported into Canada from an international destination are required to undergo an agricultural inspection & customs clearance. This process may be handled by the pet owners themselves or Pet Relocate would be delighted to work with you to arrange customs clearance anywhere in Canada including but not limited to Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Halifax.


For additional information on this new airfreight service please email us.

  • We were really happy with your service.  You handled the myriad of arrangements for our cat to join us in Costa Rica exceptionally well.  Her move went smoother than ours.
    Julie and Don Gutierrez

  • When I had to more to Seattle for work I counted on to arrange for my dog to join me.  With the amount of laws and roadblocks in the way, I’m very glad I used your service.  You made it happen quickly and without hasle. A big thanks from me and Winston!
    Brian Telson