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    When it comes to transporting your pet, you require the best services. Extensive travel requirements are required in addition to ensuring your pet’s safety and comfort. In fact, some airlines only accept animals handled by a pet transportation service. PetRelocate.com makes all that easy for you the very first time saving you time, effort and money. All of the necessary travel reservations are easily made for you. Airline requirements and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations are met for all individual countries.. PetRelocate.com acts as a liaison between veterinarians, the quarantine department, the export and import control departments, airlines, cargo receiving and handling agents, and owner's agent or company representative. This process takes anywhere from one month, to one year to complete. As our client, you directly benefit from our good standing relationship with the Independent Pet & Animal Transport Association (IPATA), and our other pet transport partners worldwide.

  • We love your pet!
    • Your pet, best friend & family member is treated with the utmost love and care.
    • Your pet’s unique trip is individually planned and coordinated through our experience and expertise. Every pet relocation is individually planned and coordinated
    • Our call center is available 24/7 to answer any questions and receive expert advice.

    Above all, PetRelocate.com offers peace of mind. Our reputation precedes us; see for yourself by reading the testimonials of people we’ve helped.

  • Shipping to USA?     
    • PetRelocate.com is a Registered Known Shipper with Transport Canada Air Cargo Security Program (ACSP). A Registered Shipper is subject to Transport Canada’s security requirements, and any additional security procedures required by the country of destination.  Cargo may be transported on any aircraft.

    • To read more about the program we invite you to visit Transport Canada at: www.tc.gc.ca


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  • We were really happy with your service.  You handled the myriad of arrangements for our cat to join us in Costa Rica exceptionally well.  Her move went smoother than ours.
    Julie and Don Gutierrez

  • When I had to more to Seattle for work I counted on Petrelocate.com to arrange for my dog to join me.  With the amount of laws and roadblocks in the way, I’m very glad I used your service.  You made it happen quickly and without hasle. A big thanks from me and Winston!
    Brian Telson